Country Society

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Society tab on the Country page which displays the social statistics for the country.

You can change citizenship to another country from that country page on society tab at the bottom by clicking on the "Citizenship" button. The fee is 10 Gold and you will loose all the presidency/senatorship votes made by the players on your profile. If you are a country president or senator you will loose you office on joining the new country.


The Society section displays the following statistics about the citizens of the country and related to the country:

  • Total Parties
  • Country President
  • Total Citizens
  • Power - which is a sum of the power won in races and international war against other countries
  • New Citizens Feed - a feed showing the last citizens that joined the game through this country
  • Citizens - link that goes to a page where you can view country citizens
  • Citizenship - If the viewed country is not your country you can use this link to change citizenship to the viewed country for a fee