International Battlefields

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International Battlefields allow citizens to fight in virtual battles against other countries

International Battlefields Info[edit]

On the International Battlefields page the citizens can view Open and Ended battlefields. Citizens can fight in currently open battlefields for great rewards and fame.

International Battlefields Rules:[edit]

  • There are two types of battlefields: Occupy and Liberate Battlefields.
  • There are 2 sides in a battlefields, one side for attacker and one side for defender. A citizen can fight in any of the sides he chooses before entering the battlefield.
  • For a country to open an Occupy battlefield against other country it must have a passed war type issue.
  • If the country has passed war issues against the country to which it wants to open an Occupy Battlefield then the president of the country can start an occupy war from the attacked country page at the bottom.
  • If an occupy battlefield ends successful for the attacking country then the defender country gets a status of occupied by the attacker country.
  • Winning country in a battlefield get 10 Power and losing one loses 10 Power.
  • Each citizen fighting in a battlefield gets fame added for each attack he does.
  • The top 3 citizens by damage in a battlefield will get high rewards in gold, money and fame. Top 1 citizen gets 30 gold, 10000 money and 10000 fame. Top 2 citizen gets 20 gold, 7000 money and 7000 fame. Top 3 citizen gets 10 gold, 5000 money and 5000 fame.
  • If a country has a status of occupied then any citizen of the occupied country can start a liberation war to liberate the country from its oppressors.
  • To start a liberation war there is a fee of 10 gold and 1000 money. If the liberation is successful that citizen gets back 30 gold, 10000 money and 10000 fame.
  • On successful liberation battlefield the liberated country loses it's occupied status and becomes free.
  • A citizen can only fight on one of the sides if he's at the battlefield specified location. He can travel to the country location for a 0.5 gold fee.
  • Each fight in a battlefield takes 5 energy and 2 health from a citizen
  • Citizens fighting in a battlefield can use Energy Boosters and Health Kits to restore they're energy and health so they can fight longer. Using these they no longer need to wait for energy recover and heal at the hospital. One booster is consumed per use based on quality, starting from the lowest quality.
  • An occupied country cannot start an occupy war, only liberation for herself

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